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Salish Sea Series

Photos of the participating events

Salish Sea Series – 2018

The Capital City Marathon has once again partnered with the North Olympic Discovery Marathon (“NODM”), the Whidbey Island Marathon (“WIM”), and Bellingham Bay Marathon (“BBM”) to form the Salish Sea Road Race Series.

Participants who finish ANY distance in THREE of the following four events in 2017 are eligible for commemorative swag and a medal: Whidbey Island Marathon (April 22), Capital City Marathon (May 20), North Olympic Discovery Marathon (June 3), or Bellingham Bay Marathon (Sept. 30). Each event has at least three distances to choose from.

Individuals are automatically entered in the series after they have registered for each event separately. After registering for any of the events, series participants receive “partner event” discounts to the other three races:

  • 15% of the Full, Half, 10K, 5 mile, 5K (distances vary based on event).

Individuals do not need to participate in the entire series in order to take advantage of these partner event discounts.

Whidbey Island Marathon, Capital City Marathon, North Olympic Discovery Marathon, and Bellingham Bay Marathon: combining efforts to provide the best road running (and walking) experiences in Western Washington!


photo of Whidbey Island MarathonRun the Bridge

Whidbey Island Marathon 

April 22, 2018



photo of Capital City Marathon

Run the Capital

Capital City Marathon –

May 20, 2018



photo of North Olympic Discovery Marathon

Run the Peninsula

North Olympic Discovery Marathon –

June 3, 2018



photo of Bellingham Bay Marathon

Run the Bay

Bellingham Bay Marathon –

September 30, 2017

Registration opens January 1, 2018